Mental health issues can be painful and confusing, and when confronted by mental illness it is often hard to know where to turn.

As part of our advocacy for suicide prevention and promoting emotional and mental health, Sun Valley Artist Series, with the sponsorship of St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center and St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation, published the attached “Get Help!” Resource Guide.   This guide details a number of mental health resources specific to our Idaho mountain community, but you may find it helpful in a more general sense as well.  Many of the organizations listed are national institutions, and the mental health and suicide prevention issues covered are of a broad nature.

We invite you to use this guide in any way that might be helpful to you, a loved one, or your community.  Feel free to download, reproduce, transmit, print, or forward the guide in any form whatsoever.  If you have any questions regarding this publication, please contact Sun Valley Artist Series at info@svartistseries dot org


Suicide Prevention

Emotional and Mental Health

Click on “Get Help”cover to download  PDF

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