2013 - 2014

Sun Valley Artist Series Education Programs


As part of our advocacy in suicide prevention and promoting emotional and mental health, Sun Valley Artist Series, with the sponsorship of St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center and St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation, published the attached “Get Help!” Resource Guide.  This guide presents a number of mental health resources specific to our Idaho mountain community.  You may also find it helpful in a more general sense, as many of the organizations listed are national, and the mental health and suicide prevention issues covered are of a broad nature.  Click on cover for more information.

  Suicide Prevention

Emotional and Mental Health

Sun Valley Artist Series     info@svartistseries.org     PO Box 1379  Sun Valley, ID   83353


Sun Valley Artist Series is funded in part by a grant from the Idaho Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts

Sun Valley Artist Series Film Presentations

Sun Valley Artist Series and the Ketchum Community Library co-present a series of Tuesday Evening Presentations.


In this year’s library presentations, Sun Valley Artist Series focuses on Classical Music in the Movies.  Cinema has long had a love affair with classical music.  In this season’s series we focus on feature films in which classical music not only sets the mood, but in which it plays a pivotal role in the story itself.

Ketchum Community Library, 6 - 8 PM

Admission is Free

Sun Valley Artist Series Piano Seminars

Sun Valley Artist Series presents new and innovative programs designed to help study and embrace the Art of Piano Performance.

                    ~ 2 hour sessions

                    ~ Piano Performance

                    ~ Piano Literature

                    ~ Studying and Listening to Piano Repertoire (1650 - Present)

                    ~ Auditors Welcome!

info@svartistseries.org or (208) 725-5807 for more information and seminar location



Sun Valley Artist Series Pre-concert

“Meet the Artist” Talks

Each of our classical music performances is preceded by an informal “Meet the Artist” talk hosted by our Artistic Director, Susan Spelius Gannon.  These events have proved informative and well-attended, and it’s your chance to learn more about the artist who will be performing that evening.  We guarantee they will add to anyone’s listening enjoyment.  Plan to arrive early to attend.


Tuesday, Nov. 11

Tuesday, Dec. 9


Tuesday,  April. 14,  6:00 - 8:00 PM,  Ketchum Community Library

“Classical Music in the Movies”

Free Admission

Tuesday, Jan. 13

Tuesday, Feb. 10

Tuesday, March 10

Tuesday, April 14